Maca Root Powder


Maca Root Powder


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Product description

Maca is a plant that grows on the high plateaus of the Andes Mountains. It has been cultivated as a root vegetable for at least 3000 years. The root is used as a food supplement and may help as a medicine for a variety of ailments.   It is a cruciferous vegetable, meaning that it is related to broccoli, cabbage, and kale.  Maca, also called Ginseng Andin, Peruvian Ginseng, Lepidium meyenii, or Lepidium peruvianum, is a relative of the radish and smells similar to butterscotch. Maca root plant can be ground up into a powder and added to meals or smoothies

The suggested intake of Maca Root Powder:

  • Start with just a half teaspoon or so – the nutty, caramel flavor can taste pretty overpowering if you overdo it.
  • You can add maca powder to just about anything, including coffee, chocolate milk, fruit smoothies, granola, baked treats, hummus, oatmeal, yogurt, and or soup.
  • Most often been used by adults in doses of 1.5 - 3.5 grams by mouth daily for 6-16 weeks. Speak with a healthcare provider to find out what dose might be best for a specific condition.

Here are some of the benefits known across the world of Maca Root Powder:

  • May reduce erectile disfunction
  • May improve mood
  • May increase fertility
  • May reduce menopause symptoms
  • It may fight free radicals
  • May reduce blood pressure
  • May reduce sun damage
  • May improve learning and memory
  • It may boost energy and endurance

Dry Herb

Some athletes and bodybuilders use maca root as a supplement to help increase energy and performance.  Some evidence exists to support this.  A pilot study in 2009 found that using maca extract for 14 days may help improve the performance of male cyclists in a 40-kilometer time trial.  However, the results were not significantly different from the improvement seen in those taking a placebo.  The sample size of this study was very small, so more research is needed to confirm the results.


Pregnant women or women trying to become pregnant, breastfeeding mothers, and infants shouldn’t take any herbal, medicinal, or natural intakes.  The only reason is for the sake of the little ones, the body has not yet developed its full immunity.

Hormone-sensitive conditions such as breast cancer, uterine cancer, ovarian cancer, endometriosis, or uterine fibroids: extracts from maca might act like estrogen if you have any condition that might be made worse by estrogen, do not use these extracts.


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