The Wellness Duo Bundle
The Wellness Duo Bundle

The Wellness Duo Bundle

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We have bundled our MUSHROOM GUMMIES 10 IN 1 SUPERFOOD ADAPTOGEN with a pack of our best-selling gel, the Elderberry and Soursop Infused Sea Moss Gel, to create The Wellness Duo Bundle. This remarkable combination contains a wealth of exceptional nutrients that contribute to overall well-being and immune support. Experience the ultimate well-being journey with our exclusive bundle.


The Wellness Duo Bundle:



Our gummies are infused with a blend of 10 different superfood mushrooms, including shiitake, maitake, lion's mane, reishi, cordyceps, chaga, turkey tail, white button, black fungus, and royal sun mushrooms. Each of these mushrooms has been carefully selected for its unique properties that contribute to overall well-being.

Recommended daily intake:

  • 2 gummies a day anytime of the day with or without a meal


1 of 16 oz Elderberry and Soursop Infused Sea Moss (GEL)

Our Elderberry and Soursop Infused Sea Moss Gel blows all other sea moss products out of the water.  We take immunity building to the next level by bringing you Elderberry and Soursop Infused Sea Moss soaked and prepared with spring water.  With an abundance of minerals that are essential to the human body, Sea Moss is the perfect food for anyone who wants to be healthy.

Recommended daily intake:

  • 1-2 tablespoons best taken in the morning

Not recommended for people with a history of hormone-driven cancer, such as prostate cancer. Consult a health care professional if you are pregnant or nursing, or have a history of kidney disease, heart disease, or acquired immune deficiencies.

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